"Mosaics of light",
Radovljica 2012
Photo: Andrej Eling
Vitja Avsec: France Prešeren,
Radovljica 2008
Photo: Jana Jocif
60th anniverssary DSS,
Slovenian Philharmonic 2005
Slovenian folk songs,
Štanjel 2004

about the choir

De profundis chamber choir, Kranj, Slovenia was established in autumn 1990. Throughout different periods of the choir, more than one hundred singers were involved in continuous artistic procreation. Today, the choir consists of 20 skilled singers coming from Kranj and other Slovenian regions.

According to critics, De profundis chamber choir is one of the best Slovenian vocal music interprets. The choir performs demanding literature from the oldest stylistic periods to contemporary music. Comprehensive repertoire consists of almost 600 a cappella and vocal-instrumental scores with emphasis on Slovenian compositions, folk songs and younger composers. The choir made 30 premiere performances of established Slovenian composers Igor Štuhec, Samo Vermšak, Maks Strmičnik, Damijan Močnik, Ambrož Čopi, Andrej Misson, Vitja Avsec, Stanko Jericijo, Tomaž Bajželj, Igor Majcen, Brina Jež-Brezavšček, Mojca Prus, Katarina Pustinek and Petra Strahovnik. In the last decade the choir presented numerous projects, each with unique, subtle content:

  • Love songs (2003)
  • Slovenian creativeness – folk songs (2004)
  • European renaissance music (2004)
  • Advent and Christmas music (2004)
  • Slovenian creativeness – contemporary music (2005)
  • "Jesu, meine Freude" (2006)
  • Christmas in Slovenian folk music (2006)
  • Love in Slovenian folk music (2007)
  • Sacred music (2007)
  • "For Slovenes I a poet's wreath devise" (2008)
  • "SACRAE" (2009)
  • "The fate of women" (2010/11)
  • "Mosaics of light" (2011/12)
  • Ad gloriam Dei (2012/13)
  • "I seek you, wisdom!" (2013/14),
  • The stopcock has sung ... (2013/14),
  • Between silence and music (2014/15),
  • Eulogy to the world (2014/15),
  • Renaissance Stunts (2014/15),
  • European Christmas and carol folk songs (2015/16)
  • Rituals (2015/16)
  • Baroque in Pavšlar's house (2016/17)
  • Re-renaissance (2017/18)
  • MATER DEI (2017/18)
  • Philosophy of Love (2018/19)
  • Laetentur coeli et exsultet terra (2018/19)

De profundis chamber choir was many times prestigiously awarded at Slovenian and international choir competitions: Naša pesem Choir Competition golden plaque 1997, 1999, 2001 and 2003; 1st place in the modern song and 2nd place in the folk song category at Internationaler Chorweltbewerb Spittal an der Drau, Austria (1997); 3rd place in the modern song category at Internationaler Chorweltbewerb des Landkreises Milltenberg, Germany (1998); 1st place in the mixed choirs category, 1st place in the women choir and 2nd place in the contemporary music category at International Choral Kathaumixw Powell River, Canada (2000); 2nd place in the chamber choirs and 3rd place in contemporary music category at International Choir Festival Tallinn, Estonia (2007); and multiple special awards.

De profundis chamber choir is an excellent perfomer, in Slovenia and abroad. In the first 20 years the choir had 290 concerts in Slovenia and 52 abroad. The choir records for Radio-Television of Slovenia. It cooperated in recordings of Damijan Močnik (Carus publisher, Stuttgart 2003) and Andrej Misson (DSS publisher, Ljubljana 2004). The premiere performances of Igor Štuhec and Stanko Jericijo composers were published on The Jubilee Celebrating Golden Choirs – DSS 60 years album (Ars Slovenica DSS editions, Ljubljana 2005). The choir recordings are also present at the Choral singing in Slovenia demonstration album (JSKD published, Ljubljana 2005). Three albums were published by the choir: Slovenian folk songs (Slovenske ljudske pesmi) (1998), Magnum mysterium (2001) and For Slovenes I a poet's wreath devise (Poet tvoj nov Slovencem venec vije) (2009) with France Prešeren's poems and music by Vitja Avsec. The latter album establishes the choir's bias toward procreation of the contemporary music.

De profundis chamber choir expert critics are published at ARS RTV channel, in choral journals, Delo newspaper, and local media. Choral competitions, concerts and the choir presentations were broadcast at the RTV SLO television channel on various occasions.

From the beginning, the crucial role in De profundis chamber choir, Kranj, Slovenia, represents the conductress and director Branka Potočnik Krajnik.

Send us an email to info@deprofundis.si.